Gardiner Community
by Pat Nebel 'Old Timer'

Donít blink or you might miss the community of Gardiner, on highway 101, about halfway between Port Townsend and Sequim.  The only indication of the community is the private campground, the Wild Birds Unlimited store and the Espresso Garden latte stand, the community center and Gardiner Community Church.
Gardiner is in Jefferson County, Washington, listed in the Quilcene phone book, is in the Sequim School District and has a Sequim Zip Code.
Many homes are built along the water to enjoy a view across the mouth of Discovery Bay with Diamond Point on the west, Beckett Point on the east and Protection Island bordering the shipping lanes on the Straight of Juan de Fuca.  Beyond, the San Juan Islands are silhouetted  against the skyline.
The old school house was purchased by Jefferson County and became the Gardiner Community center.  The building has been the center  for many local activities  like the Garden Club, Rhododendron  Grange, North Olympic Council square dancing, exercise programs, potluck dinners, birthday parties and Christmas programs.  Friends and neighbors meet for a 4th of July picnic and get together at the boat ramp over the 3 day Presidentís Day weekend to help with the Olympic Peninsula Salmon Derby.
We still see many small birds, bald eagles and blue herons, Canadian geese, crows, hummingbirds, robins and even a turkey buzzard or two.  There are cattle  and horses in the fields and until lately a small herd of buffalo.  You might even see a coyote out in the middle of the day.
Some things have disappeared like the Gardiner Store and gas station and Post Office; Lobo Land and the howling of wolves at sundown;  the train that went thru from Port Townsend to Port Angeles and itís whistle in the middle of the night;  people earning their living by cutting and hauling pulpwood or picking brush or digging clams and going fishing for cod fish and actually coming home with some for dinner.
Gardiner, for all itís differences, it is still a nice place to live. 



Advice from a Police Officer

I’m a retired police officer and taught neighborhood crime prevention when I was on the department.  This is a classic burglars game.  Knock at the door, if no one answer’s – break in.  What your neighbor did was right by the book on ‘what to do’.  Keep the door locked, answer through the door and the burglar will leave.  When we had a home invasion with a resident home it is because they did not let the burglar know that they were there by actively answering the knock.

You might also get a good look at the knocker and call that into the sheriff’s office.  We use to respond to those but not sure how things work here and now.

Bob Tilley
Cape George Resident



Local Radio Suggestions

Dr. Elizabeth, in response to the community, created a list of radio stations that carry Gardiner information. This seemed like such a good idea there is now a permanent listing on the navigation for these stations.


All four of the stations stream their broadcasts so if you cannot capture them via your radio maybe you can listen from your web browser.


You can click here to go to the radio page or use the link on the left.



Information Updates

The Gardiner Community Center Meeting Minutes has been updated.


New 911 Information Page

The Main Menu now has a link to 911 Information to help you better understand how 911 works for people who live in Gardiner.





Dick Bennett sent along a link to YouTube for a video titled: ďContinuous Chest Compression CPR - Mayo Clinic PresentationĒ.  It is a new procedure for CPR for cardiac arrest.